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Xuzhou Elitemp Electronics Technology Co.,Ltd (Hongkong Elitech electronics technology Co.,Ltd.) is a high and a new  technical enterprise  that  specializing  in  electrical  manufacture primarily.  Our manufactory is located in  Xuzhou city,  JiangSu province of  China.  
We have more than 20 years experience on  R & D temperature measuring  and controlling system,  we master independent research and development,  system  testing  power  which accumulated years of  research and manufacturing experience in many fields such as temperature and humidity testing and controlling.

Our Business
Due to keeping a good principle  that " talent -oriented,  technical innovation ",  our company has attracted and cultivated lots higher scientific talents, and has laid a solid foundation for enterprise's long-term development, our product range includes temperature & humidity measuring, controlling and recording devices. The products are widely used in many industries, such as refrigeration, household appliances, and pet equipment and garden field.

Our Support
We strictly execute ISO: 90001 quality management systems, 95% of the products through the European CE certification,China CQC authentication,and the partial products passed UL,accord with European Union ROHS directive requirements.  The company has  OEM or  ODM for many famous enterprises, and has exported products to more than 60 countries and areas. 

Our Value 
Be innovative , be possible .  devoted to exceed any boundaries and limits , so as to provide innovative products for our customers by exploring unlimited possibilities .
Customer' s satisfaction 20 years extensively experience in the market. Strong research, development and innovation capability to provide customized total solutions to the customers. 


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   Manufacturer: Xuzhou Elitemp Electronics Technology Co.,Ltd.

   Add: Quanshan Electronics development Zone, Xuzhou city, Jiangsu China  

   Export Office: Hongkong Elitech electronics technology Co.,limited

   Web site: www.elite-temp.com

    Tel:  86.516.83891828

   Fax:  86.516.83891827

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